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TalentLens from Pearson provides highly respected ability, personality and work-based assessment tools (e.g. Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal) that will help you to identify talent and recruit and develop the right people in the right way.

TalentLens is part of Pearson PLC, the world’s learning company and global market leader in assessments. We are an international talent assessment business, using psychometrics to help organisations select and develop top performers and high potential.

Supported by over 70 years of research, our tests are used by hundreds of companies around the world for their employee recruitment and development projects. With an experienced R&D team supported by local offices, we partner with clients to create bespoke solutions or offer our best in class tools, helping you to identify, select and retain talent.

We know that you need great people at all levels in every job role. And you need them now. Given the time and cost to find and interview people, you cannot afford to take a chance with a bad hire.  By working with TalentLens, you can gain an objective view of a candidates potential performance and decision making ability, their fit to organisational culture and likelihood for counter productive behaviour.

Based in London and Oxford, our UK consultants can guide you through available options or work with you to develop a tailored approach. Please get in touch!

BPS Verified Training

TalentLens offers BPS verified Test User: Occupational Ability and Personality training (Level A & B), as well as qualification and conversion courses in our trait and type personality instruments. Our high quality, competitively priced training is offered either through face to face public workshops, in-house courses (five delegates minimum) or via a blended approach. Our trainers are experienced business psychologists and experts in using the instruments.

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