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iCIMS – Thousands of companies around the world utilise iCIMS to improve their HR programme. The solution helps companies recruit and retain top talent by simplifying and automating the hiring process from applicant tracking through new employee induction.

iCIMS e-Recruitment system is the industry's premier talent acquisition solution that enables HR professionals to manage their organisation's entire talent lifecycle from sourcing to recruitment marketing to applicant tracking to induction all within a single web-based application. Providing innovative HR solutions, iCIMS gives recruiters the necessary tools to make the most informed hiring decisions, every time. iCIMS e-Recruitment system is easy to use, scalable, and backed by award-winning iCARE™ Support; it's the ideal e-Recruitment System for growing businesses.

Whether you are a sourcing specialist, recruiter, hiring manger, or induction coordinator, iCIMS' web-based human resources software enables your growing organisation to reduce your cost per hire and streamline manual processes to present a tangible ROI and strong corporate footprint in the very competitive search for top talent. Founded on a "back-to-the-basics" philosophy, the power of iCIMS e-Recruitment system is supported by an unparalleled customer experience making it to be the most robust, simple-to-use, and accessible e-Recruitment system in the HRIS space. Experience the difference in recruitment with iCIMS.