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Game launch game-changing Career Website

Posted in Launch on 4th Sep 2015

Game through Basis Media have created the World’s first interactive, community-based Careers website

Ebsta launches next generation of ‘Ebsta for Bullhorn’

Posted in Launch on 4th Sep 2015

CRM adoption specialists Ebsta have launched the next generation of their tools for users of Bullhorn - Ebsta for Chrome, Ebsta for Outlook and Ebsta for Microsoft Word

The Cost Of Not Testing For Even Basic Skills

Posted in News archive on 4th Sep 2015

What never seems to stop amazing me is the recruitment mistakes that employers make on what I would call “bread and butter” jobs

New advice from REC to members to use only FCSA compliant umbrella companies

Posted in News archive on 4th Sep 2015

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) are announcing a new working relationship. All umbrella companies holding REC business partner status must have FCSA membership, and the...

16-24 year olds are the UK's hardest workers, clocking up more overtime than any other age group

Posted in News archive on 4th Sep 2015

Contrary to popular belief, younger office workers in the UK are far more likely to work longer hours than their elders, according a survey commissioned by office search engine

CIPD calls for balance in debate on zero hours contracts as latest figures show modest increase

Posted in News archive on 4th Sep 2015

In response to today’s ONS statistics on zero-hours contracts, Gerwyn Davies, Labour Market Adviser at the CIPD, commented

Talent Hunter promises a revolution in recruitment

Posted in Launch on 4th Sep 2015

A North East firm is aiming to bring an end to rip-off recruitment fees and mismatched candidates with the spin-out of a disruptive new job hunting idea

Do software developers need an online presence?

Posted in News archive on 4th Sep 2015

Although the marriage of technology and recruitment is nothing new, the recruitment landscape looks very different in recent years. Gone is the era of the posted hard copy CV, manual filing and generic application form

After discovering the Higgs Boson, can CERN find the best talent within its ever expanding candidate pool?

Posted in News archive on 4th Sep 2015

James Purvis, Head of Talent acquisition at CERN, talks about the Nuclear Research Facility’s recruitment needs and how Textkernel semantic recruitment technology is helping attract and source the best talent

Two competitors join forces to launch new engineering company Inter Array Engineering

Posted in Launch on 4th Sep 2015

This week sees the launch of dynamic new engineering company Inter Array Engineering. Formed of two industry competitors, Advanced Global Energy and Dynamo Electrical, Inter Array offers a unique selection of services to cater to all potential...

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