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Maybe you already have an ATS - but is it integrated with social media? Is it mobile friendly?

Posted in Features on 3rd Mar 2015

Written by Lauren Mackelden, Features Editor, Onrec

Social Media's Role in the Job Search

Posted in Opinion on 3rd Mar 2015

From making connections, to finding company information, or spotting new job openings before they’re advertised, there’s no doubt that social media now plays an integral role in the job search.

Apprentices Earn Almost £4,000 More Than Graduates Per Year in First Job

Posted in Statistics and trends on 3rd Mar 2015

New research by a website dedicated to spreading awareness of the alternatives to university has uncovered the average starting salary for those entering their first job after completing university and after completing an apprenticeship. According...

Award-winning Acre partners with Bullhorn

Posted in Partnerships on 3rd Mar 2015

Acre, the award-winning sustainability recruitment company focusing on corporate responsibility, environment, energy, and health and safety functions, has adopted Bullhorn’s true cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM solution

Rise in employment places staff morale at the centre of competition over talent attraction and retention

Posted in Statistics and trends on 3rd Mar 2015

Understanding what employees need from their office space helps businesses reach new levels of productivity and efficiency while attracting and retaining the right staff

Prioritise occupational health now AXA PPP urges UK businesses

Posted in News archive on 3rd Mar 2015

Occupational health should play a fuller role in helping UK businesses return to pre-recession levels of growth. With a focus on increasing the country’s productivity levels, businesses are under more pressure than ever to have an engaged, healthy...

Compliance is key to delivering pension freedom success

Posted in News archive on 3rd Mar 2015

Employers should set up committees to ensure employees receive maximum benefit from UK’s new pension rules, Portus advises

Central YMCA challenges next government to claim £15 billion windfall by tackling youth unemployment

Posted in News archive on 3rd Mar 2015

The YMCA has laid out a challenge for the next government to tackle the barriers currently hampering efforts to reduce youth unemployment

HR specialist to join Business Women Scotland live event panel

Posted in Appointments on 3rd Mar 2015

A specialist from a leading Scottish HR and employment law company will join an expert panel during the first Business Women Scotland Live event in Aberdeen, which is taking place in May

A new look for

Posted in Launch on 3rd Mar 2015

A new design has been launched for , the feature rich, cost effective solution from HotLizard that allows a fully function job board to be created in 5 minutes and from as little as £99 per month.

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