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Xactly and Miller Heiman Group Partner to Deliver Sales-Altering Intelligence to Customers

Leaders in Sales Excellence Provide Customers the Data-Driven Insights Needed to Design and Execute Compensation Programs Optimised for Results

Xactly (NYSE: XTLY), a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, and Miller Heiman Group, one of the largest and most impactful sales and service performance companies in the world, are partnering to deliver sales-altering insights to customers.

Miller Heiman Group combines some of best sales, service, training, and development brands in the market, including Miller Heiman and CSO Insights. Their renowned “Be Ready” approach to sales excellence is based on years of proven methodologies, data, expertise, and research. 

“Until now, the real-world data needed to craft world-class incentive compensation programs remained elusive,” said Byron Matthews, president of Miller Heiman Group. “With data from Xactly Insights™ software, we will be able to help our customers reimagine how they approach and design sales compensation programs that improve rep engagement, retention, and overall performance.”

With Xactly Insights, the industry’s first and only empirical sales compensation big data set, Miller Heiman Group can empower their customers with the data needed to design and execute more effective, impactful sales compensation programs.

“A strategically motivated and aligned sales team is critical to any company’s success, especially as the pace of change continues to accelerate,” said Steve De Marco, vice president of worldwide sales and alliances at Xactly. “With the Xactly Insights data, Miller Heiman Group will be able to assess the health of their client's sales incentive plans and provide comparative data that shows the client how they stack up to their industry.” 

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