Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Partnership Puts People at Forefront of Tech

Leading recruitment firms have joined forces to deliver revolutionary technologies that embrace diversity and inclusivity in the job market.

TribePad, a tech innovator that aims to advance the recruitment process using software that embraces Artificial Intelligence, has partnered with human resource firm, Randstad.

Randstad is a global leader in the increasingly digital and data driven HR services industry. It invests heavily in new technologies that aims to put human potential at the heart of digital recruitment platforms.

Martin Tanner, Business Development Director for Randstad stated, “Both Randstad and TribePad share a passion for combining people with the power of technology. This partnership helps us find efficient solutions around key issues in the HR sector, such as diversity and inclusivity.”

Randstad recently selected TribePad as its preferred applicant tracking system. The two organisations have already successfully delivered outsourced recruitment services to Asda, Ford and the Department for Education, underpinned by TribePad ATS.

The partnership was marked at a Diversity and Inclusion event on board Randstad’s Clipper tall ship, docked at the Millennium Tower pier, London. It brought like-minded individuals from the HR and recruitment industry together to identify best practice to implement inclusion and diversity within talent acquisition and the workplace.

Guest speakers included Hannah Foster, People Director at FlyBe, and Gethin Nadin, author of ‘A World of Good: Lessons from Around the World in Improving the Employee Experience’. Senior industry professionals attended from Saga, Sweaty Betty and the Church of England.

Neil Armstrong, Commercial Director for TribePad, said: “Our lives have been transformed by smartphones, apps and the ever-evolving digital world. Both our organisations work on the frontline of this digital landscape, investing in innovative new technologies that deliver HR solutions that showcase talent and individuality. Its tech that puts people at the forefront.”

TribePad was founded ten years ago when Dean Sadler found that just 14% of recruitment professionals reported they liked the software they used. TribePad is now used in over 120 countries by more than thirteen million candidates.

TribePad clients include the BBC, KFC, Tesco and Sodexo. Its platform embraces video interviewing and AI to help businesses find the best possible candidates, and to allow potential employees to showcase their skills and personality.

Neil added: “There’s a massive percentage of people that are in the wrong job, or underemployed, we want to change that. It’s a waste of human capital, and life. That’s why we’re so passionate about the technology we build. With this partnership with Randstad, we’re already disrupting and transforming the recruitment process for the better.”