Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

NGA Human Resources integrated HR & Payroll service chosen by RATP Dev

Public transport operator RATP Dev UK Limited have chosen NGA Human Resources to provide a fully-managed payroll service solution for their c. 5,000 employees in the UK. In addition, NGA will provide their market-leading NGA ResourceLink software via SaaS for HR purposes.

RATP Dev CEO, Tim Jackson says, “Finding a solution to support us now and in the future was vital. NGA HR not only provide comprehensive UK customer support and payroll service centres, but also have significant experience of successfully implementing and managing weekly payrolls. This combined with their market leading technology, NGA ResourceLink, made NGA’s offering the obvious choice.”

High on the list of requirements for a new solution were improved efficiencies and better management information – all of which NGA is fully capable of providing. NGA use their own technology to underpin their Managed Payroll service, so are well-placed to take on the responsibility for anticipating and responding to changes. This includes delivering on the opportunities provided by web-based resources and ensuring systems reflect legislation changes when necessary.

“We are looking to reduce the complexity of our existing methodology by moving to a single service that can also integrate with other business systems including Time & Attendance,” continues Mr. Jackson. “The ability to streamline processes is essential and we believe we have found the proven solution we were looking for.”

NGA is keen to support RATP Dev over the coming years. Jonathan Legdon, President of NGA in the UK says, “NGA Human Resources is an industry-leading provider of Managed Payroll Services and software, with a wealth of experience across many sectors including the transport industry. We are delighted to welcome RATP Dev as an NGA customer and are looking forward to working with them.”