Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Human partners with Workable to reduce unconscious ‘bias’ during the recruitment and interview process via ground breaking AI technology

Human, pioneer in Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI), has announced a new partnership with recruitment software specialist Workable, to remove human ‘bias’ and unconscious discrimination from the traditional interview and recruitment process, hence delivering a more diverse and resilient workforce.

Human’s patent-pending software is able to decipher LIVE, during job interviews, how a candidate is feeling as well as accurately detecting key characteristic and behavioural traits through subliminal facial expressions. 

The collaboration will see Human’s AEI software integrated with Workable’s popular all-in-one platform to strengthen the recruitment process further and to help employers to better understand a candidates suitability, skill set, personality and emotional state completely free from human prejudice. 

Yi Xu, CEO and Founder at Human explains: “Historically, the interview and recruitment process has been a gamble. Employers often judge people on their own benchmark, which differs from person to person and day to day. Integrating with Workable we want to minimise the human bias in this process and more importantly, the discrimination. Imagine you don’t know who the candidate is behind a video interview? Their age, gender or race isn’t up for question. You simply review candidates based on their personality traits (or the big five personality traits of your choice: passion, honesty, confidence, outgoing, stress, reaction etc.) and make an informed decision.”

Using Workable combined with Human’s AEI software, recruiters will now be able to screen candidates three times faster than previously and send out dynamic video interviews via their ATS (Applicant Tracking System) before linking the results with the candidates’ timeline, thus helping employers to build robust and diverse teams that are also culturally fit for purpose.

Xu continued: “Studies suggest that diverse teams make better decisions, deliver a greater return on investment and are more adaptable to challenge and change, yet our subconscious judgements often get in the way of that. The truth is, we are likely to make recruitment decisions based on chemistry, mood or context rather than on skills, suitability for the role or level of emotional intelligence.  Using our technology we can now provide a level of intelligence that was previously unattainable and remove some of the ‘damaging’ human bias that so often clouds our judgement.”

Going deeper than simply deciphering human emotion, Human’s software uses partial facial recognition, robust camera angles and state-of-the-art pixelated raw data to reveal typical personality and behavioural traits.

Looking at raw video footage here, Human’s technology is able to tell us live in real time what a person is feeling as well as give us insight into certain personality traits which can be used to predict human behaviour.  Check out the results of this video: