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HireVue Partners with the Science of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative to Drive Equity in Hiring

Living Laboratory Findings to Inform Transformation of Hiring Practices for HireVue’s Network of Customers

HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, chatbot and recruiting automation technology, today announced it is expanding its partnership with the Science of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (SODI) as an Innovation Partner. Through this new level of collaboration, HireVue will work with SODI on a number of research-based initiatives aimed at solving diversity, equity and inclusion problems within hiring.

Companies have an opportunity and obligation to redesign hiring practices in order to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion. While DEI is cited as a top initiative for many organizations, progress is slow. Best practices on ways to reduce bias and improve hiring practices for underrepresented groups remain unclear - this partnership between HireVue and SODI will yield research that is concrete, actionable and scalable for HR leaders.

“We’re looking forward to collaborating with SODI on pragmatic new research that will help organizations further mitigate bias in their hiring efforts,” said Kevin Parker, CEO at HireVue. “As organizations turn to technology to revamp the way they work and conduct business, it’s critical to understand how to make their hiring more accessible for all candidates, regardless of background.”

HireVue is committed to improving access to employment for a wider talent pool and reducing bias within the recruiting and hiring process. This partnership with SODI is the latest in a series of the company’s ongoing efforts to guide ethical AI development within hiring. SODI’s leaders will provide product input alongside other HireVue ESG partners like Integrate Autism Employment Advisors, who work to improve hiring outcomes for neurotypical jobseekers.

“​We are excited by HireVue’s commitment to identifying what works in helping companies advance diversity, equity and inclusion. ​By partnering with HireVue, SODI-affiliated researchers will be able to provide organizations with solid evidence for how to improve equity in hiring,” said Neela Rajendra, Executive Director for SODI.

Central to the work of SODI is the understanding that small changes to systems can have powerful impacts. Previous SODI-affiliated research has found that:

  • Making specific changes to job postings and descriptions can increase rates of application from Black and Latinx candidates by almost 300%.
  • Generic EEOC statements in job descriptions can backfire, and decrease rates of application from minority applicants.
  • In competitive work environments, e​ mphasizing any tasks of the job in the job description which may have stereotypical female connotations can
    help close the gender gap (​e.g. emphasizing the importance of verbal skills, teamwork, or collaboration).

HireVue’s partnership with SODI is central to its internal diversity, equity, and inclusion program for 2021. The company is committed to implementing past and future findings from the “living laboratory.” To ensure that learnings from the partnership research are applied at scale, HireVue will also help customers incorporate DEI best practices into their hiring journeys.

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