Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

eBoss partners with Legalesign

New partnership between recruitment software developers and digital signing pioneers will help recruiters to automate their paperwork and reduce their carbon footprint.

Recruitment software enterprise eBoss has partnered with Legalesign in a move to tackle both data security and climate change in the digital age.

The two UK companies, which supply software services to recruiters and digital signature technology respectively, announced the partnership this week.

From today, eBoss customers will be able to generate, issue, and authenticate legally binding contracts and agreements from within their hiring software. The Legalesign documents are authenticated and returned with a single click, and then stored on the eBoss document management system. The companies say the service minimises the risk of online fraud, and allows firms to reduce the consumption of paper in a bid to remain carbon neutral.

The two UK tech innovators are calling the partnership a success story for UK industry, which is leading the way in tackling climate change and pioneering the use of automation in new areas of business.

eBoss Director of Sales Robert Ward said: "With Legalesign, we are building a service that is fit for the modern world of work. This partnership means our customers will see an enormous reduction in administrative and back-room tasks – all the while reducing their carbon footprint and improving data security."

"Recruiters who use Legalesign through eBoss can prove to their candidates that they are taking data security matters – and climate change - seriously."

Ben Eliott, CEO of Legalesign said: “eSignature technology is a game-changer for recruiters, and we’re delighted eBoss has partnered with Legalesign’s secure and robust eSignature software to deliver its benefits. eBoss customers can now onboard in moments, eliminate mistakes in their form filling, lighten their paperwork burden, while taking a further step towards carbon neutrality.”