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A Logical Partnership for The Needle

Online video interview software developer The Needle has announced its partnership with one of the recruitment industry’s most innovative and fastest growing multi-posting platforms, LogicMelon

Online video interview software developer The Needle has announced its partnership with one of the recruitment industry’s most innovative and fastest growing multi-posting platforms, LogicMelon.

With the first phase now live, the partnership enables recruiters to video interview and review candidates sourced from multiple job boards; enhancing the recruiter and applicant experience, consolidating hiring procedures and keeping recruiters connected in the process.

In-house and agency recruiters are able to use The Needle’s intuitive video interviewing software through an integrated solution straight from their LogicMelon login. They can invite candidates who have been long-listed on the LogicMelon user-interface to conduct a recorded video interview. The video interviews are delivered back into LogicMelon for decision makers to view and assess. The Needle’s video interviews can be viewed on any Internet connected device all within the LogicMelon platform.

Headquartered in Cambridgeshire, and with offices in Connecticut, Johannesburg and Cape Town, LogicMelon provides a single resource software platform with which recruiters and recruitment agencies can post job adverts across multiple job boards as well as rank, flag and track applicants in a live environment, from advertisement to interview. LogicMelon offers recruiters the chance to integrate its software directly into their HR or CRM systems, including streamlining their processes by recording and reporting cost and time-to-hire metrics throughout the entire applicant sourcing process.

From the applicant’s perspective, focus on the user experience has been vital to ensuring access is quick, easy and engaging. If selected to complete a video interview, the applicant can do so from anywhere using their mobile, tablet or laptop. Job seekers are becoming extremely mobile so the use of dedicated apps for Android and Apple users has also been a strong focus for The Needle’s development team, in addition to working on compatibility across multiple browsers for laptop users.

Commenting on the announcement, The Needle’s Managing Director and Co-Founder Christine Tautari said: “After just five years, LogicMelon has established a reputation as a driving force in the multi-posting and recruitment industries. They are expanding rapidly as a result of their flexibility and ability to respond to the experiences of their clients and add features to their platform to cater for demand. LogicMelon was an obvious choice for The Needle as an integration partner due to the core nature and strength of their platform. Together, we’re ideally positioned to offer LogicMelon clients and their applicants a powerful, value added service that benefits employers and applicants. But most of all, video interviewing improves productivity for recruiters, driving down recruitment cost and offering state of the art technology to help employers choose the right candidates. We expect some exciting times ahead with the guys at LogicMelon.”

Also commenting on the partnership, LogicMelon’s Marketing Director Mark Bevans said: “The Needle understands the importance of creating the best possible candidate experience. Like us, they know that better experiences lead to better engagement, and that’s how the talent war is won. We constantly think of ways we can make recruitment easier, faster, and more personal for brands, recruiters, and candidates. The Needle is right there with us. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.”