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WhatJobs? launches low-cost job posting service

Alexander Paterson, Global CEO of WHATJOBS? today announced the launch of a new, low-cost subscription-based advertising service for direct employers and recruiters.

Available now in the USA and Canada, the service offers a familiar job posting platform at a fraction of the cost of mainstream advertising platforms such as, ZipRecruiter, and Linkedin. 

Talking to WhatNews Paterson said: “As businesses struggle with new hires post-pandemic, recruitment advertising costs have rocketed due to the lack of candidates actively seeking new roles. WhatJobs has taken advantage of our competitors’ inflation-busting increases by creating a low cost, no contract ‘Netflix’ style subscription service from as little as $10 per month”.

He continued: “If that sounds cheap, that’s because it is. That does not stop us from delivering the same level of service as our competitors.”

“Our goals are to deliver low-cost recruitment advertising to everyone at an affordable price. Using a familiar business model, namely a monthly subscription, you can cancel anytime; there are no contracts, no complex setup procedures, and no pushy sales calls, just register and post!”

The WhatJobs.Employers subscription service is specifically designed to reduce costs while still providing the toolkit needed to analyze and discern which applicants will be best suited for the role. 

Broad exposure is required, and thankfully, WhatJobs.Employers provide just that. The network spans 51 countries and is constantly growing, so meeting their client's needs will never be an issue.

The groundbreaking new service, believed to be the first of its kind in the USA, has no contract, no hidden fees and users can cancel anytime with no hassle from sales reps. 

If you need access to the very best candidates at a price you can afford, visit WhatJobs.Employers today to find out why businesses across the United States are saving thousands of dollars posting their vacancies on  

Currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore only, ATS compatible.

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