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STV Jobs launches new advertising campaign

This week, STV has launched a creative new advertising campaign for its online recruitment service, STV Jobs

This week, STV has launched a creative new advertising campaign for its online recruitment service, STV Jobs.

The uplifting campaign is based around the theme ‘what were you born to be?’ and features children playing in the early 80’s, followed by suggestions of their future careers. The two little girls baking with their mum might grow up to become chefs, a boy playing with his ZX Spectrum could be a born IT consultant, and a girl playing in her toy car might be a future driving instructor.

The campaign ties in with a new STV jobs quiz, now live on <> , which can help job seekers identify the occupations they were born to do, or might be best suited for.

The creative concept, which aims to both entertain and motivate the audience, was developed by STV Creative together with creative agency The Union. The commercials were produced by Gill Hanlon at STV and directed by Michael Hines.

A crucial musical element was added by Glasgow based pop sensations Attic Lights, who recorded a unique version of Strawberry Switchblade’s 1984 hit Since Yesterday especially for the campaign.

Mike Ferguson, Head of Classified at STV, explains the creative concept: “The commercial is a reminder that we all had dreams and talents as children and that, although life may have got in the way, it’s not too late to avoid regret and fulfil our ambitions.”

Scheduled to run throughout 2010, the campaign was launched using nationwide television, radio and online advertising, as well as regionally targeted outdoor ads. A number of different executions will be introduced throughout the year, with 40, 20 and 10 second versions, all based around the ‘what were you born to be’ theme.

Mike Ferguson continues: 2010 is an exciting year for STV Jobs as we continue to establish ourselves in the Scottish market. After only 10 months we are arguably the No. 2 recruitment site in Scotland, and we are confident that this year will see our audience continue to grow and that STV Jobs will be widely recognised as the most cost effective online recruitment solution in Scotland.

“Feedback from clients confirms that not only is our audience of jobseekers growing both in terms of quantity and quality, but more than 50% of our audience is unique to STV Jobs and don’t use other job boards. There are a number of sites that cater for the Scottish market, but each of these has regional strengths and weaknesses. STV has the largest audience of any Scottish media company and we will continue to capitalise on the strength of the STV brand across Scotland.”

STV Jobs was launched in February 2009, supported by a multi-million pound media campaign, and has since achieved continuous growth in user numbers. During the first week of the new advertising campaign, visits to the site have exceeded the previous record, set in November, representing a 40% increase over two months.

Watch the new STV Jobs ad here: