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Select-Jobs.co.uk set to launch ‘AppReveal’ – an exciting industry first

Select Jobs, the new UK Job Board is set to launch ‘AppReveal’ towards the end of October 2016. This innovative method of job advertising is the first and only of it’s kind.

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Select Jobs

The online Recruitment industry as we know it flourishes on continuous innovation, ongoing development and long term consciousness of market requirements. The constant innovation from new suppliers in Online Recruitment allows organisations to not only find, compete for, and acquire top talent, but do so efficiently.

Select Jobs, a new addition to the UK Job Board market has recently announced the prospected launch date of its exciting new product – ‘AppReveal’. It is an industry first, offering Recruiters the chance to pay ONLY for applications received relevant to the role, on a pay-per-application basis.

The AppReveal portal allows surplus spend to be significantly reduced; should an advert not deliver any applications, the user would not be charged. Should an advert deliver irrelevant applications, the user would not be charged. Not only this, but the Recruiter will not be tied in to any long term contracts or credit packages, with the model operating on a simple Pay-As-You-Go basis.

Cameron Briggs is the Founder & Managing Director of Select Jobs and told us “AppReveal is not only set to simplify the job application process at the recruiter-end, but is totally automated to ensure candidate experience is not altered. Paying only for relevant applications without any extra charges or fees will prove to save many Recruiters money in both the short and long term. We’re incredibly proud that we’re the only UK Job Board to offer this method.”

The age-old bugbear for Recruiters receiving multiple irrelevant applications after pre-paying for an advert is now catered for, with the ability to review the CV without the contact details before paying for the application. With the candidate having applied to the vacancy and the Recruiter specifically approving the application, many of these hurdles in modern-day talent sourcing have been catered for.

Early enquiries & questions are currently being answered by simply heading over to their contact page!