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New recruitment platform launches to disrupt ‘broken’ recruitment market by making the working world work for everyone

A revolutionary new recruitment platform promising to improve the inclusiveness, experience and accuracy of hiring for both candidates and employers is set to disrupt the $88bn global recruitment market.

SaaS (Software as a service) platform Clu has created an updated hiring process that gives candidates an ‘equitable and safeguarded’ opportunity to demonstrate their value to organisations and get hired into roles they would thrive in.  It aims to be the leader in advocacy for candidates by challenging outdated hiring processes and increasing social and economic mobility.

The new platform is a direct response to the current broken recruitment market where recent research found 83%* of candidates have reported a bad hiring experience, while 80%** of employees don’t have the right skills for the job, resulting in nearly half of new hires moving on within 18 months*** at a cost of 30% of the employer's potential first-year earnings to each business****.

Clu uniquely challenges bias in the hiring process and removes systemic barriers to entry, such as cover letters and CVs. It empowers candidates to demonstrate their technical and transferable skills, preventing candidates from being qualified by what they’ve done, instead focusing on what they can do.

Clu increases the amount of auditable and actionable data points in the recruitment process. The software then uses a proprietary recommendation algorithm to match a candidate’s skills and other preferences to open jobs on the platform.

Once in the interview process, Clu then provides a series of accessible and inclusive hiring features that help safeguard all candidates against bias and discrimination whilst being interviewed. This innovative approach to recruitment aims to leverage inclusive best practice to plug the skills gap, reduce staff turnover and its associated costs, whilst sustaining the global talent pipeline. 

Joseph Williams, Clu’s CEO, comments:

“Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. The way talent is sourced, selected and hired is not fit for purpose and we are on a mission to change that. 80% of people don’t have the right skills for their jobs*****, and the hiring process is currently so vague with almost 80% of people lying on their CV to try and match themselves to opportunities******.

“Through our process we’ve found that if we ask people about themselves outside of the context of a role and then match roles to them, you get a much more accurate and honest picture of the skills they have. This is also true for asking people how advanced their skills are.

“We want to make the working world work for everyone. Clu will drive social change and leverage 100,000 new socially mobile workers with purpose-led organisations. The platform will bring fresh insight and intelligence to recruiters and hiring managers, helping them build high performing teams, inclusively.

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