Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

MetLife launches new service to support home working

MetLife is launching a new support service for employers to help with home working and staff wellbeing. ‘Connected at Home’ is provided in partnership with HCB Group.

As part of this offering, employers with a MetLife Group Income Protection policy can access and nominate up to five members of staff they feel would benefit from personal support from the team at HCB Group. Designed to carefully identify any emerging problems within the workplace, the new service ensures employers can offer the optimal level of support within a suitable framework for their employees. A light-touch service, it not only provides assistance for the practical aspects of working from home, but also delivers broader wellbeing support.

As many workers across the country continue to work from home, the pandemic has reset employer employee relationships and shifted priorities in the workplace. Upcoming research* from MetLife’s Re:Me report has found that more than two in three (68%) employers agree that their employees work values are now focused on self-care, health and wellbeing. Almost half (47%) of employers also rate their care for employees highly, however only a third (34%) of staff agree, so it’s important to bridge this gap and realign expectations.

Connected at Home – which aims to support employers and their employees - is available from 18 December 2020 until 31 March 2021 to all MetLife clients with a Group Income Protection policy and offered at no additional cost.

Adrian Matthews, Employee Benefits Director at MetLife commented: “With many UK employees still finding the transition to home working a challenge, we are offering a free support service to help navigate this new way of operating. The coronavirus pandemic has reset relationships and shifted priorities across the workplace. Figures from our forthcoming insight into workplace sentiment reveal that 72% of UK employers already feel the relationship between employers and their teams has altered significantly.

“We know, from our research that for many employees their work values have transformed and there is a greater emphasis on self-care, health and wellbeing which heightens the need for employers to provide adequate wellbeing support. Our new service can help employers demonstrate they are responding to this change, by showing employees how much they care.”

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