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Leet Resumes Introduces Dark Mode

Professionals Can Stand Out with Modern Looking Resume

Leet Resumes, the firm whose writers create professional resumes for free, today announced that job seekers can choose to release their resume in dark mode, a setting that has become increasingly popular on smartphones in recent years.

The black print on white background appearance has remained constant since resumes have become a cornerstone of the job search many decades ago. Dark mode is a bold yet somewhat overdue innovation that will modernize the resume look of the resume for the digital age.

“We think the dark mode provides a stylish and engaging feature that allows job seekers to stand out without resorting to gimmicks that would impact their presentation, said Marc Cenedella, CEO of Leet Resumes. “In our initial roll-out, recruiters have responded that dark mode resumes grab their attention and give their eyes a chance to rest after hours of online scanning.”

Mark Cenedella is a nationally recognized expert in resumes and job search who has written several Amazon bestsellers on resume writing. He authored the seminal 6 second eye-tracking study that showed that recruiters only scan your resume for 6 seconds in their first pass. He works closely with the CEOs and technical experts of the world’s five largest resume parsing companies.

As the Founder and former CEO of The Ladders, the leading job site for high-paying jobs, few people have more experience matching the needs of hiring managers and job seekers. The most popular websites and apps have been rolling out dark mode options in recent months. See below how it applies to resume.

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