Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Jobandtalent Reinvents Labour Market with First Completely App-based Hiring and Employee Management Tool

Jobandtalent today announced the release of a suite of new features designed to simplify and accelerate employee selection, the hiring process and the ongoing management of staff. This is the only end-to-end, digital solution of its kind available today, and reinforces Jobandtalent’s commitment to revolutionising the job market.

In addition to publishing jobs, shortlisting and chatting to suitable candidates, companies can now make a formal job offer, sign a contract and manage employee payroll all through the app. Jobandtalent also takes care of National Insurance obligations, calculates the hours worked and manages all other legal requirements and dealings with the HMRC. On their side, candidates are able to sign their employment contract, review their income and manage their work engagements all within the new app.

“Hiring someone for your business doesn’t need to be a long or difficult process. It should be straightforward and flexible so that employees can start work as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Juan Urdiales, Jobandtalent CEO and co-founder. “The time, money and excessive paperwork that it currently takes to onboard and manage personnel are all factors that put off businesses who would otherwise want to hire. By solving these all too common issues, Jobandtalent provides a reliable alternative for all businesses looking to grow their teams, and to do so fairly and legally.”

In addition to reducing the administrative burden that’s experienced by employers the world over, these new in-app features give businesses the reassurance that every candidate they employ has the right to work and is fully compliant with local employment law. Furthermore, Jobandtalent guarantees a fair salary for a number of hours worked by every employee who is hired through its platform.

Jobandtalent’s end-to-end service, accelerated through funding from Atomico, one of the world’s leading investment firms, is already generating significant interest: more than 50% of the company’s business users started using the app during the trial period, exceeding expectations in all markets.

Jobandtalent features:


As soon as an employer posts a new job on the platform, they are matched with quality candidates with the right experience, local to their business. Candidates have been reviewed by previous employers, vetted (e.g. ‘right to work’), ID checked, and are available to start work straight away.


Businesses can make formal job offers directly through the app, and when an offer has been accepted, an employment contract is automatically generated for both the employer and employee to sign. Pension Auto Enrolment, adherence to Working Time Regulations, PAYE and National Insurance calculations and payment, as well as all holiday and sick pay, are all managed as part of the service Jobandtalent provides.


The app allows employers and employees to track and verify timesheets, and then manages the subsequent payroll. Employees have full visibility on their work engagements, the hours they’ve worked, salary to date and forecasted payments. They’re paid directly by Jobandtalent into their bank account at the end of every month. Employers are notified when timesheets are available to approve and when a payment will take place. They’re then issued with one, simple invoice every month.