Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Introducing ASCOR, a free resource for non permanent workers in the UK flexible labour market

ASCOR: Association of Compliance Organisations

ASCOR (Association of Compliance Organisations) has been developed to improve standards in supply chains and protect workers in the flexible economy. ASCOR provides key information to workers and businesses as well as giving them a place to raise concerns, issues or questions.

ASCOR is launching a free resource in a single location, educating both workers and businesses on working with labour suppliers whilst ensuring worker rights in the temporary labour market or flexible economy. This can be found at 

ASCOR works to protect all flexible workers including multi-appers (such as Deliveroo Riders), gig workers (such as Upwork), freelancers, agency workers, 

ASCOR was created at the suggestion of the UK Government Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and has been supported by various other recognised stakeholders, including HMRC, Home Office, Care Quality Commission, DBS, Crown Commercial Services, trade unions, and other parties including Low Income Tax Reform Group and IPSE. ASCOR enables collaboration and the co-ordination of a number of resources to help answer queries that individuals and organisations may have regarding the flexible economy.

ASCOR observes 4 Core Principles:

  • To share relevant information across participating bodies at a tactical and strategic level;
  • To enable collaboration between labour enforcement bodies and recognised stakeholders to support intelligent enforcement and identify those operating outside the law and falling below industry best practice;
  • To ensure worker voice and worker rights are central to labour market policy and enforcement;
  • To educate workers and hirers about working with labour suppliers and the appropriate avenues for recourse.

ASCOR further exists to help businesses understand supply chain compliance and to provide a place for businesses to confidently raise issues with their supply chain. ASCOR also provides help, guidance and advice to workers within the flexible economy to understand their rights.