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Indeed Launches New Product Designed to Discover Top Tech Talent in the UK

Indeed Prime uses multiple criteria to match engineers, designers and product managers with employers

Indeed, the world’s largest job site, announced today it has launched  Indeed Prime, an online career platform that provides employers with top talent based on coding skills, education and work experience. The product is specifically designed to address the growing need for technical talent in a variety of industries.

“It is increasingly competitive for companies to find the technical talent they need as companies ramp up their demand for these professionals,” said Terence Chiu, VP of Product at Indeed.

“Employers that use Prime will find talent that they wouldn’t normally see through traditional university recruiting, staffing agencies and job postings.”

Indeed Prime hosts online coding competitions to help discover hidden talent. The top performers are highlighted to employers, showcasing candidates who have proven technical capability. “Our data from the US shows that some of our best performers at the coding competitions are not necessarily from top engineering schools,” said Chiu.

“Prime shows employers a host of talented people that may have been overlooked in the past. Combine that with the largest network of jobseekers and we have a constant pipeline of tech talent for employers.”

Benefits to jobseekers include:

  • Opportunity to break into a top technology company with strong performance at coding competition;
  • Access to top technology opportunities at startups and large companies;
  • Talent coach providing support throughout hiring process;
  • Privacy, so current employers cannot see you’re currently in the Prime marketplace;
  • Two-way salary transparency;
  • Access to the most jobs online through Indeed’s network.

Benefits to employers include:

  • Curated list of top candidates;
  • Diverse list of candidates including coding competition standouts, experienced engineers and recent graduates;
  • Access to the most jobseekers through Indeed’s network;
  • A weekly updated supply of responsive, top tech talent;
  • Vetted, superior tech talent using coding assessments, work experience, project accomplishments, academic affiliations and profile reviews;
  • Unlimited tech hires with the Prime subscription plan;
  • Delivery of quality candidates via unrivaled access to the world’s #1 hiring platform,

Chiu continues:

“At times, the traditional job application process can be inefficient and can often feel like applying into a black hole for candidates. Prime helps in-demand jobseekers turn the process around, giving them full control to pick the companies they'd prefer to engage with. It's the fast track for in-demand talent to find their dream career."

Indeed Prime is currently available in London, Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and New York City. Indeed Prime is only available to direct employers, providing jobseekers access to employers without overwhelming them with third-party recruiters.

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