Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Hireserve launches new pre-employment module

Leading ATS provider Hireserve is proud to introduce ‘Hirechecks’: a new module created to make pre-employment and onboarding tasks simpler, safer and faster for employers.

Hirechecks is delivered as part of Hireserve ATS, a powerful Applicant Tracking System designed for in-house recruitment teams.

So what does Hirechecks enable employers to do?

From requesting references to recording Right to Work documentation, all pre-employment tasks and checks can be automatically triggered, assigned and reviewed in the Hirechecks module.

Jeremy Ovenden, Joint Managing Director at Hireserve, commented:

“Managing onboarding tasks and pre-employment checks can be hugely time consuming for employers and can delay new starters. What’s more, we often see that data is tracked and stored across different platforms. Hirechecks replaces these disconnected elements with one central, secure module within your ATS.”

Can Hirechecks help employers manage Right to Work and other checks?

Yes! The Hirechecks ‘photo upload’ tool is designed to make document collection more efficient and secure. Users can access their smartphone camera from within Hireserve ATS, and take a photo of proof of Right to Work, for example. But it’s not just Right to Work checks that Hirechecks can support employers with. From passports and work permits to evidence of qualifications or entitlement to drive a forklift truck, all and any checks documentation can be collected and recorded against candidates in the Hirechecks module. No images are saved on a user’s phone.

Jeremy commented:

“We know that requesting and recording pre-employment checks evidence can be admin-heavy for all parties. With the Hirechecks photo upload tool, we want to solve that.”

Want to find out more?

Learn more about Hirechecks and download a free datasheet – packed with features and benefits.

Alternatively, simply get in touch with Hireserve to have a chat and find out more.

“With an increased focus on onboarding and the candidate experience, we are thrilled to further enhance Hireserve ATS with this powerful new module.

I’m looking forward to our customers saving more time and money with Hirechecks, and for Hireserve ATS to deliver ever-increasing value to organisations’ end-to-end recruitment processes.” – Jeremy Ovenden, Joint-MD at Hireserve

About Hirechecks: Hirechecks is a new module released by Hireserve, as part of Hireserve ATS. Used to manage organisations’ pre-employment tasks and checks process, Hirechecks offers a fast, simple and flexible solution. Hireserve does not perform any background checks itself.

About Hireserve: Established in 1997 and trusted by organisations across the globe, Hireserve ATS is designed for in-house recruitment teams. One of the original e-recruitment providers and still leading the way in continually pushing the boundaries of Applicant Tracking Systems and recruitment technology, Hireserve is trusted by in-house recruitment teams to streamline, simplify and enhance their recruitment processes.