Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

CandidateZip Offers Free Integration with its Resume Parser

CandidateZip is a Global Leader of Simplified Resume/Job Data Extraction into ATS/CRM for Recruiters. It helps recruiters, staffing companies, startups, etc. save their time on data entry by quickly extracting resumes/jobs data into their ATS/CRM.

The company has recently launched its API integration program for a limited number of CRM/ATS. It is a perfect way to increase the revenue by integrating with CandidateZip for free.                                    

The idea for designing this program is to help both the CRM/ATS and its end-users with a simplified, world-class product.

As CandidateZip automates the resume data extraction process, it will help the recruiters, staffing companies, startups, etc. close jobs quickly and invest their time in what they love to do.

What’s Unique About CandidateZip API Integration Program?

The best aspect of this integration is that it does not involve any cost.

Imagine if a CRM/ATS can maximize its revenue without spending a single penny?

Sounds exciting?

The entire responsibility of helping the end-users with email and technical support will stay with CandidateZip.

A CRM/ATS only has to go through the integration process without investing any money. Once the integration is done, the CRM/ATS can sit back, relax, and watch the revenue increasing.

How Does This Program Work?

The CRM/ATS can integrate with CandidateZip and offer it as an add-on to its end-users. As soon as the end-users start using CandidateZip, the CRM/ATS will start earning money.

The integration process is quite simple:

This unique step will bring unlimited opportunities for CRM/ATS. They can explore the exclusive benefits of this program through a simple integration with CandidateZip.

At present, CandidateZip is providing API access to selected CRM/ATS. Apply now and get early access to API.