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Benefits of Being a Locum Tenens Physician

Locum tenens is a temporary employee in the medical field. It can be a doctor, nurse, or physician, to mention a few.

They are independent workers and do their work part-time. Most locum physicians choose this path on their own.

Any qualified doctor can apply to be locum tenens through an agency. As time goes by, many physicians opt to be locum tenens instead of permanently employed workers. There are benefits that come with taking locum tenens jobs when looking for work, below are some of them.

Freedom and Flexibility

Unlike a permanently employed worker, there is a lot of freedom and flexibility in being a part-time worker. Before you become a locum doctor, you have to go through a staffing agency that lets you choose whatever jobs you want to do.

You are also at liberty to select the working hours of your choice and even location. If you do not like the location of your place of work, you can choose to move to another place once you are done with your assignment. 

The flexibility of locum jobs allows you to change working hours, location, and even roles since they are short-term. A permanent worker does not have the freedom to demand new roles or relocation.

Most temporary physicians work in hospitals and clinics that have difficulty getting full-time employees. With locum jobs, you have the option of taking different roles for the same employer. You are free to work in other locations all through the year.

Work-Life Balance

When taking up a job as a locum tenens doctor, you get to choose a schedule that balances your work and outside work life. You are allowed to select a location and working hours that favor you.

You can work for weeks or months at a specific location and then take some time off. Others can decide to work all through the day but take night offs with no interruptions of emergency calls.

You are simply in control of your work-life balance here. It is your decision whether you want to work through seasons, work for a couple of months, and then take the summer off.

Locum jobs balance your life because you do not have fixed schedules like your fully employed counterparts. You can give equal attention to both your work and family or self.

Income Earning Potential

Locum tenens healthcare providers generally earn slightly higher than their full-time employee counterparts. Even for one who is just getting started as a locum hospitalist, the pay is still above average. A person working in specialties with a shortage has the potential to earn more.  

You also have the freedom to move to a market that pays you more. When opportunities and assignments arise, you can decline them if they do not meet your desired pay scale.

Locum agencies may only offer your health insurance with no other workplace benefits. See this link to learn more


Most locum jobs are in hospitals having trouble finding a full-time physician, majorly because of its location. You get to travel to places you have never been at someone else's cost. You can decide to change the locum assignments into your working vacations.

Even though some of these places may be in remote areas, you can still experience the beautiful parts of them. You experience different cultures, learn foreign languages, and eat various food in all the other locations you work. Locum assignments offer you a variety of sceneries.

However, you have to be licensed to work in various states freely.

Avoid Workplace Politics

Sometimes workplace politics are a complete headache. It is easy to be dragged into a conflict between two physicians making the environment hard to work in and toxic. As a temporary worker, you do not need to engage in any politics since you are there for a short period.

Administrative decisions impacting all employees in a facility do not affect you. With locum jobs, you do not need to attend policy meetings, deal with billing, hire staff or have administrative responsibilities.

It may take time to get used to the new work environment and learn their electronic medical record (EMR) system. Still, you do not necessarily need to be fully absorbed like a permanent employee. Click here to read more insights.


The bonus of working on temporary terms is that you acquire new skills in every assignment. You learn how different hospital systems work. It is a continuous learning process and is even easier on a person who adapts to new environments quickly. Some doctors take up this job to test out a new workplace. These jobs present to you the opportunity of experiencing different settings that allow you to decide your working environment, whether rural or urban setup. You can earn a decent income with locum jobs and even make a carrier out of it.