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EVA, the revolutionary recruitment robot is now operational at LUCKYLINK

LUCKYLINK welcomes EVA who joins the team as their Employment Virtual Assistant.

Founded in 2014, LUCKYLINK recruitment has a prestigious network of bars, restaurants and hotels in London, and a directory of over 35,000 qualified, experienced staff. This month, LUCKYLINK introduced their latest recruit. EVA is a recruiter-bot hardwired with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Currently EVA is being trained by LUCKYLINK’s recruitment executives as an entry level specialist, assisting in the team in candidate sourcing and screening. Fully launching in October, EVA learns at such speed that she will then have the knowledge of a recruitment executive with two years experience, with more to come..

How does EVA help?


EVA is amazing at sourcing a large volume of candidates. She automatically acquires new candidates from every possible digital and physical source using LUCKYLINK’s proprietary technology.


EVA carefully reviews every available profile and CV to produce a comprehensive pool of potential candidates. She then screens for suitability using both AI and the expertise of the LUCKYLINK team to talk with candidates and understand them on a deeper level including their cultural fit with the potential employer.


EVA’s use of statistical algorithms makes her capable of accurately matching suitable candidates with the roles best suited to their skills and personality. Her decision making is always checked by a competent human.


EVA streamlines the scheduling of interviews and trial shifts; arranging and aligning diaries becomes effortless.


Employer feedback is collated by EVA which informs her matching algorithms, allowing for highly accurate re-placing if and when required. More info about EVA.

With only a 10 minute brief, LUCKYLINK can present 5 suitable candidates for any front of house, back of house or management vacancy, drawn from a pool of thousands in fewer than 5 days.

“Our recruiters are at least four times more productive than those in a traditional agency, all thanks to EVA and her AI technology. Speed and cost of hire is critical to our uncompromising clients, we can meet their expectations thanks to the power of this technology”

- Max Knupfer, Chief Recruitment Officer at LUCKYLINK Recruitment

Why is LUCKYLINK different?

LUCKYLINK’s pricing and guarantees are unrivalled in the recruitment industry.

Their AI powered technology enables industry leading pricing, on average 60% less than their closest competitors. In addition they can guarantee the placement with a world beating 12 month unlimited replacement policy. This guarantee provides peace of mind, a real luxury in an increasingly unpredictable world after Brexit. The extraordinary thing is that hospitality managers can apply this 12-month replacement guarantee to existing employees. Indeed, with a one-off upfront payment or 12 monthly instalments, employers can protect against staff turnover with unlimited replacements for a year or longer.

“Hospitality employers don’t want to waste time and money chatting to, meeting with, and hiring irrelevant, unqualified, unvetted and temporary people. Likewise candidates wish to avoid injury “swiping right” tinder-style, on vacancies that are outdated, fake, and above all detrimental to their career development. We have built EVA, our amazing LUCKYLINK recruiter-bot to make the process painless and effortless. ‘She’ is already proving successful at helping the team, placing candidates and filling our clients vacancies.”

- Ben Kaminsky, Founder & CEO of LUCKYLINK Recruitment.

Currently boasting an ever-growing community of over 35,000 qualified hospitality candidates in London alone and with over 3,000 staff actively seeking permanent positions each month, LUCKYLINK has your future workforce ready and waiting.
If you are interested in using LUCKYLINK please get in touch via luckylink.com or enquiries@luckylink.com