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Cash Simply Appoints Martin Gibson as Operations Director

Congratulations to Martin Gibson! The right man. The right results

Managing Director David Thornhill says:-

“Congratulations to Martin Gibson! The right man. The right results.

In the Temp business, if you are not to be bogged down with inefficiency; then superb operations are imperative. We sit behind hundreds of agencies and ensuring that their Temps are paid correctly and on time - every time - is at the core of our Operations.

In addition to Temp payments, we need to ensure the agencies get the funding they need on time too and all of that with excellent management reporting so that they all know exactly where their businesses stand.

Temps Simply (the web based data input system) and Report Simply (the web based management reporting system – augmented with SMS Reports On The Move) have helped make superb operations possible but finally it is always down to how systems are utilised, people are managed and customers are made to feel valued (whilst, in the finance business, also managing the delicate business of avoiding fraud).

The years of the Credit Crunch caused fraud and company failures to rise to unprecedented levels and that at a time of perhaps understandable but also unreasonable expectations for insurable credit limits.

Martin joined us as Operations Manager just over a year ago. Since then we have seen increases in our continuous Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) which all customers complete once per month on the Report Simply web site. The CSI survey questions are detailed with respect to various elements of the customer interaction but if there is one question, the answer to which says it all for us, it is “Would you recommend the Cash Simply service to others?” It is scored on a scale of 1 to 5. All 5s converted to a percentage would give an index result of 100.

On the date of his new appointment , in response to that key question, asked of the whole of our customer base, that question scored a 94% “Yes”.

In results terms, we could ask for little more and such result hugely endorsed our already made decision to invite Martin to sit on the board.

I am sure that Martin’s involvement at board level will further improve our operations and customer offering.”

If you would like to consider back office services and superb management reporting, with or without funding, from the only award winning outsourced payroll and back office services provider (as far as we are aware) which has a 94% propensity to be recommend by its customers, then please go to and see what Martin and his team can do to reduce fixed costs for you and help you manage your business to greater profitability.