VONQ helps companies to attract suitable candidates in an efficient manner and to build powerful strategies to promote employer brand and select the right media channels to promote jobs with help of data driven target group- and employer branding campaigns.

For every step in the recruitment funnel, we help target both passive and active candidates via the right channels. We have access to all the relevant media channels out there: generic and niche job boards, aggregators, social media channels, apps, online hubs & communities, e-commerce & news sites, and Ad Networks. In recruitment marketing, there’s no 1-size-fits-all. 
Our solutions depends on objectives. Whether you want to fill a single job or you are looking into ways to strengthen your employer brand, we know how to support you when it comes to online media distribution. We follow closely the progress of your recruitment marketing campaign. 
Get insights in your Cost per Applicant, Cost per Click, Quality and Cost per Hire. Recruit smarter by tracking your recruitment data. We’ll help you predict the outcome of your campaigns and achieve your goals.
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