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Vet Finders is a leading supplier of permanent and locum vets and nurses to practices throughout the UK.

VetFinders is a leading supplier of Permanent and Locum vets and nurses to practices throughout the UK. We have over 40 years of recruitment experience within our team and work with large corporates, animal hospitals, charities and individual practices. We work closely with our clients and candidates to carefully match both party’s requirements. VetFinders is a recruitment business with a social mission at its heart. We are more than a recruitment business whose only aim is to make a profit, this isn’t us! We aim to make a profit of course we do but donate a minimum 25% of all our profits back to animal/children’s charities. Some agencies might give to charity as a token gesture, but we give a minimum of 25% away making it a core element of our business. We will be totally transparent on this and be audited annually to prove this isn’t some cheap sales pitch! The best part of this is we aren’t going to just give money to charity and forgot about it we are going to work closely with these charities and see where the money goes. We will fund certain projects of theirs, work on their front line and make sure all donations are used for the care of animals/children. When you make a placement with us a percentage of that fee will go to one of 4 charities we have chosen to work with, you chose the charity. The candidate placed and the client will see exactly where this money is going and be kept informed. You will see the evidence of the project completed through photos, videos, emails and website updates. We will be totally transparent on this. Our accounts will be independently prepared by a qualified accountant showing the level of money donated to each charity across the year. We would very much encourage our clients and candidates to visit and help out with these charities where ever possible. We measure our success on what we give away and not on the profits we make.
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