The Marketing Junction


We are a specialist marketing agency and consultancy service solely for the recruitment industry.

Recruitment marketing is all we do. We’re known for it, and we’ve won awards for it. Driving revenue is the key; it isn't about pretty colours and nice shapes, it's about adding value to the sales process no matter what task you are doing. We have also worked in over 30 different niche areas for companies of all sizes (typically from owner managed start-ups through to large established players). The Marketing Junction are able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of marketing support on either a consultancy project basis or outsourced arrangement.

We have a range of services designed for this purpose and experts used to delivering in this environment.:


If you need a someone to come in and undertake a strategic planning exercise, with extensive knowledge of the recruitment industry, then we have the people for you.  We also provide mentoring services.


Outsource all or some of your marketing output.  From being your “marketing department” or focusing on one key element (such as social media or content creation) you get a range of skills delivered in a cost efficient way.


If you have a project which you are going to outsource or need help with, it's best to go to someone who "gets" recruitment. Our recruitment marketing skills are an unbeatable combination. We are sensibly priced with discounts for APSCo and REC members as well as for start-ups and small businesses. We are the only marketing agency with the EQuality Assured standard.

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