The Interview Exchange


Think of a familiar Internet job board. Now imagine a value-added job board: the Interview Exchange. Whatís new and different?
1. Rational, equitable, patent-pending filtering agents progressively narrow the applicant pool by harnessing the natural inclination to act in oneís own self-interest. These filters lead applicants to sort themselves out, thereby providing employers with a highly selective short list of qualified, motivated candidates.
2. Employers pledge to interview three or more candidates sourced through the Interview Exchange.
3. Applicants can see each otherís qualifications throughout the process. This enables applicants to judge the relative strengths of their credentials, providing a logical means for deciding to proceed or withdraw from the competition.
4. Top candidates compete for job interviews through their credentials and by putting skin in the game: pledging cash offers to gain employer attention and ultimately score an interview. The pledge comes due only when you score an interview.

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