Talent Strengths


Talent Strengths is an online talent assessment business and consultancy that specialises in delivering customised and off the shelf online psychometric assessments and talent management solutions for organisations. We use the latest scientific research insights and cutting edge technologies to help organisations make better more informed decisions with their talent.

Talent Strengths services cover a wide spectrum of assessment types for recruitment and employee development. We have the capability to provide all of these assessments from a single platform/interface making the management of recruitment campaigns easy and intuitive for our clients. You can deliver your assessments online directly using the Talent Strengths Assessment System  platform (ISO 27001 accreditation) or integrate your chosen test and assessments with any ATS or or RMS provider that you select. Assessment types include:
  • Ability and Aptitude Tests
  • Skills Tests
  • Motivation Assessments
  • Culture and Values Assessments
  • Personality Assessments-Trait for Recruitment
  • Personality Assessment-Type for Development and Coaching
  • Sifting/Screening assessments using personality or bio data
  • Job Preview Assessments
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Career guidance assessments
  • Interviewing 
  • Online Job Analysis Tools
  • 360 Review Assessments
  • Assessment and Development Centre Exercises
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