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We provide employment screening and unique candidate profiling services. Our specialist technology and process looks into the digital footprint of new recruits to assess risk to the recruiting business as a result of their online behavioural traits. Our online system provides concise results in a fair and non-intrusive way.

The Social People Index is an online profile evaluation tool designed for HR Professionals & Recruiters, In-house & Agency, across all industry sectors, especially Aviation and Health & Social Care. Our service allows employers to benchmark an individual's own online behavioural style against a market benchmark, using information presented openly within their digital footprint. The purpose - to assess risks from the leakage of information, security risk through online connections, or risk to brand/reputational damage. With the majority of businesses having first hand experience of the implications of getting recruitment wrong, the cost of hiring the wrong personality for your teams positive culture, the cost of the disruption, downtime & team instability. You will know the cost of managing the PR when your brand is damaged by social media posts from your own employees, the cost of HR time to correctly process disciplinary or grievance cases caused by social media interaction; these costs can now be avoided by embedding SP Index into your recruitment process. UK Organisations are ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing Social Media, most are creating policies that are presented as part of the employee handbook, it is important that as a business you also stay protected & compliant. An SPI report gives you objective access to the cognitive style of an individual without revealing the protected characteristics that cause subjective discrimination to occur. 91% of UK recruiting managers admit to looking online before agreeing to interview a candidate, it is important to ask, is your company missing out on the best talent because of internal subjectivity? Can you be 100% sure that you are compliantly using the content featured on an individuals digital footprint? To set up a portal & order reports is easy & inexpensive.

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