Howard Kennedy

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Howard Kennedy is at a very exciting time in its history. The earliest recorded part of the firm dates back to 1936 when H. Howard & co set up in practice.

The firm has grown organically and through strategic mergers to the firm it is today. H. Howard & Co merged to become Howard Kennedy and in 2013 merged with Finers Stephens Innocent who themselves were the product of a merger of Finers and Stephens Innocent in the 90's. In 2014 the firm expanded further by a merger with CKFT.  

All the composite parts of Howard Kennedy have traditional roots in the West End. One of the strongest unifying features of the modern day Howard Kennedy is our dedication and strong focus on clients.  

The law of evolution dictates that those who can recognise and adapt to change will survive and flourish. We recognised that legal service is no longer reliant on purely the physical location, but that it is about the value of the service provided and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.

Offering the best value to our clients is what drives us, so we have combined all our locations over which the firm was spread and moved everyone into a new building in the vibrant London Bridge area of the city. This will bring great benefits commercially in keeping down costs but also offer our visitors stunning views across the city. 

We look forward to welcoming clients old and new in our lovely new home and continuing business as usual.

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