Easy Web Recruitment


We make HR & Recruitment easy, and offer a wide range of services to help you attract and manage candidate response. From our user friendly Applicant Tracking System to our free training workshops and webinars, we’re here to constantly improve the ways you attract and manage candidates.

Since we started in 2005 we have promoted the internet as a fast, effective way of communicating with quality candidates and streamlining your recruitment process. We have grown from an advertising and shortlisting service and now offer a range of solutions in talent attraction, response management, recruitment technology, employee engagement and education & training. As more and more people search online for jobs, upload their CVs to job boards and join professional networks like Linkedin, our success rate has grown with our expertise. It's reflected in the huge range of companies we have successful, long term relationships with. Our professional approach to client integration and candidate communication makes us a great choice for companies of any size. We aim for the highest level of customer service. Our clients will tell you that there is always someone available on the phone or to visit them, always somebody willing to help, and always something we are trying to improve.

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