Brainbench, the leader in online skills certification, is headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.<br>
Brainbench was founded in January of 1998 by Mike Russiello, Bill Lake, and Mike Littman after they had witnessed first-hand, the business and market impact of the increasing demand and short supply of high-tech labor. Their mission was to become the world's most respected online skills testing and certification authority. <br>
Brainbench provides online certification and assessment of more than 200 different skills that drive business success today. All of our skills assessments are web-based, eliminating configuration management and geographical issues from the start, thus decreasing costs and doing business effectively and efficiently.<br>
Companiesólarge and smallórely on Brainbench to find the right candidates, assess in-house skills, and reach larger recruitment audiences. Current clients include: EDS, Ernst & Young, Computer Sciences Corporation,, and Manpower.

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