A job board specifically for Limburg! 
Limburgvac has been running for ten years and it’s hard to imagine the Limburg job market without it. Limburgvac is often copied but never equalled. Limburgvac has by far the greatest name recognition, the highest number of visitors and thus naturally the best response.

In September 1999 the idea for Limburgvac, as a regional job board, calling on years of experience in specialist recruitment and selection, came into fruition.

* Limburgvac stands for quality, service and customer satisfaction. 
Limburgvac is open, honest, clear! So ... 
- NO nasty small print; 
- NO unsolicited extensions; 
 - No unexpected costs. 
* Limburgvac guarantees you at least 100,000 visitors per Month 
* Limburgvac shows the attendance of all jobs through the stats page. 
* Limburgvac lists the complete list of its advertisers – currently 1848. 
* Limburgvac sends your weekly new jobs for over 23,000 candidates. 
* Limburgvac sends all new vacancies to relevant newsgroups. 
* Limburgvac supplies all vacant posts through AskJIM and Limburgvac guarantees that any requested amendments will take place within 24 hours. 
* Limburgvac warrants that all responses received from candidates will be a result of candidates responding directly to you as an advertiser. 

Limburgvac is part of Hufkens Human Resources BV, an independent consultant for recruitment in Maastricht. This company of John Hufkens, is well known among Limburg employers and has an excellent reputation. This guarantees that you can use Limburgvac with confidence. John Hufkens is a member of the Limburg Employers Association (LWV), Society for Industry and Commerce, and the Dutch Association for Personnel Management (NVP).

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