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Aizen Consulting recruitment and business development agency, aims to encourage audacity and creativity by generating a positive ecosystem for the fruition of your ideas.

The current industrial model is one that couples mass consumption and mass production. However, consumption patterns are changing rapidly and therefore, new management objectives and organization models need to emerge. We guarantee you that we use the latest patterns on the market.

Nowadays, man is treated like the extension of a machine. Computers rely on a binary system and so the way "human capital" is measured leaves out a lot of important facts.

We wish to enter a new phase with our philosophy. Our offers are adapted to the latest market developments. Our council has an entirely new configuration. We go out of our ways to recruit international markets. We believe that the providers, or rather the "business partner" must take risks to help the success of its client.

We don't work with constraints. It has been proven scientifically that they reduce the amount of gray matter in the brain. In other words, excessive specialization prevents growth and creativity.

" In People We Trust ' means that we listen to our clients and we are extremely versatile. We are fully committed and motivated by your ideas. The use of creativity and hence ‘gray matter’ is very important to us.

The consultants at Aizen Consulting are non-specialists meaning they are knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics. In addition, we recruit our consultants based on their personality. We choose creative, charismatic and atypical people to be part of our consulting team.

We believe that having an interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship and connections with markets all over the world are the conditions for success.

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