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Advance Recruitment is a specialist medical sales recruitment agency. We understand your business and through over 20 years’ experience, know how to match your requirements to the ideal candidate.

Advance Recruitment is a specialist medical sales recruitment agency. We understand your business and through over 20 years’ experience, know how to match your requirements to the ideal candidate.

At Advance we believe in doing things differently, and doing things better.

Advance Recruitment’s Mission Statement

Advance Recruitment is committed to providing bespoke, confidential recruitment services to clients operating in the medical sales marketplace. By understanding our clients’ needs and by fulfilling their requirements, we seek to build mutually beneficial relationships based on partnership and trust.

Features of our service

  • Access to the best talent pool, using social media and a candidate database built up over nearly 20 years.
  • We are one of the Most experienced teams of recruitment professionals in the sector.
  • We specialise specifically in the medical sales recruitment sector.
  • The whole team is incentivised to fill your vacancy.
  • The Recruitment team work on outcome based KPIs which enables us to focus on quality.
  • All candidates are interviewed by industry experts.
  • We build strategic alliances with clients to make sure we can attract the talent of the future.

Which means that…

We will fill your vacancies, with the best people, in an efficient and professional manner.

Relax, we stand by our values


We are always open and give you unbiased advice.


We listen, get to know your business and work towards your objectives.


Our policy of care means that we have both loyal customers and employees.


We are always looking for ways to improve the recruitment industry and the way we do things. This approach allows us to be flexible and progressive.


We adhere to ethical and professional recruitment practices, which is backed by our membership of The British Institute of Recruiters. 


Through our employee development programme you can be assured of fully up-to-date and trained staff to help you with your requirements.

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