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CareerCast.com/JobSerf Employment Index Shows Slight Decline in August

Cleveland, Houston, Dallas, Miami and Atlanta See Highest Rise in Per Capita Hiring

After a fantastic double-digit gain last month, managerial recruitment activity showed a slight drop in August, falling to 102.3, according to the new CareerCast.com/JobSerf Employment Index. The August 2010 Index, which measures managerial hiring activity online, dipped 4.6 points from July 2010. On the bright side, the Index has seen an uptick over the past year with the August 2010 Index 22.5 points higher than it was in August, 2009.

“During the past two years we’ve seen a major drop in managerial hiring activity,” says Jay Martin, COO, JobSerf. ”It is encouraging to see the recent stabilization in recruitment activity, and some light at the end of the tunnel.”

For the first time since February, the Top 10 Cities had two new entrants (Dallas and Cleveland), which knocked out Philadelphia and Denver. The most improved city per capita hiring in August was Cleveland with a gain of 19%. Houston (+14%), Dallas (+11%), Miami (+11%) and Atlanta (+10%) also saw an increase in hiring this month.

“Managerial recruitment activity has been positive with gains made almost every month in 2010,” says Tony Lee, publisher, www.CareerCast.com. “This continued upward movement is an optimistic sign that the job market is showing some improvement.”

On the down side, Milwaukee had the biggest loss in managerial hiring in August (-13%), followed by Cincinnati (-9%). The West, which continues to struggle to recover from its hiring slump, suffered a setback this month dropping 4.3 points. While it wasn’t the only region to drop in August, the West continues to trail behind the other regions, gaining just 10.6 points over August 2009. The Midwest shows the most improvement across regions in August, rising 26 points above August 2009.

The CareerCast.com/JobSerf Employment Index found these cities had the most managerial job openings per capita in August:

  1. 1. Washington DC – 177

  2. 2. Boston – 136

  3. 3. San Francisco – 109

  4. 4. Seattle – 92

  5. 5. Atlanta – 88

The CareerCast.com/JobSerf Employment Index is an exclusive barometer showing managerial hiring activity based on the number of jobs posted online nationally. The Index reveals the differences in job listings by month, and offers valuable trends and forecasts using proprietary employment data hand-counted by a team of researchers.

To read the full report and get more information on the best and worst cities to find a job, visit www.careercast.com/jobs/careerNews/HiringTrends