The power user list, which includes professionals from across the UK and from a mixture of large and small recruiting agencies as well as large organisations such as the BBC and Harrods, is a snapshot of the wide range of talent acquisition professionals using LinkedIn in their career.

"LinkedIn has changed the way companies think about talent, and this top 10 list identifies and celebrates the most engaged professional women in the recruitment industry and the value they are getting through the power of our platform," said David Cohen, who leads the Talent Solutions practice in the UK & Northern Europe at LinkedIn.

The Top 10 power users in the UK:

  1. Laura King, The Curve Group, Northampton
  2. Zoe Lloyd, Agile Contracts Recruitment Consultant, Arrows Group, London
  3. Leesa Fernandes, Legal Recruitment Manager, Thomson Reuters, London
  4. Stephanie Bell, Recruitment Consultant, Anderson Knight, Glasgow 
  5. Ella Liang, Senior Global Delivery Consultant, Portland Resourcing, London
  6. Jennifer Howlett, HR manager, Vertex Solutions International, Hemel Hempstead
  7. Natasha Mills, Recruitment Resourcer, OCC Computer Personnel, Crewe
  8. Samantha Crossland, Resourcing Specialist, PRA International, Berkshire
  9. Donna Price, Lead Resourcing Partner, Harrods, London
  10. Grace Solanki, Resourcer, BBC, London 

LinkedIn compiled the list by looking at a range of engagement metrics including status update frequency, network strength, engagement in groups and a number of other factors. 

This power user list comes off the back of new research from LinkedIn which shows that 66% of professional women in the UK believe it is possible to 'have it all' (fulfilling career, relationship and children) in today's working environment.

The research also identifies that the majority of women in the UK (62%) define professional success as having the right balance between work and personal life, compared to 40% five to ten years ago.