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JobServe Comes of Age

Eighteen years ago on 4th May 1994 the online job board industry was born and, with it, a recruitment revolution began

Eighteen years ago on 4th May 1994 the online job board industry was born and, with it, a recruitment revolution began.

Started by ex-IT contractors Robbie Cowling and John Whitney, JobServe became the world’s first online job board. 

In the world of the Internet, time moves at a faster pace with an estimated 4.7 Internet years to each calendar year.  So JobServe has accumulated nearly 85 years of unparalleled online recruitment experience and know-how.

From a small start, JobServe now processes over 200,000 jobs and 100,000 CVs every month.

Originally servicing IT recruitment agencies in the South-East of England, JobServe in 2012 is a substantial global operation with offices in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Thailand.

Last year, JobServe posted well over a million adverts in 192 different countries – receiving applications from Australia to Zambia and everywhere in between.  Even in a smaller country like Guatemala where it posted just 21 job adverts, it received over 150 applications for those jobs!

JobServe operates in every country on the same operating platform, so that job adverts may be seamlessly posted to (or from) any location in the world.

With a culture of innovation JobServe’s patented Alchemy matching engine has successfully matched millions of candidates with appropriate jobs.  Its iPhone app was the first to provide a complete ‘in-app’ application process, and it was the first to release a job app for the iPad.

JobServe now has an estimated global reach of 60 million candidates – and this continues to grow month-on-month.

Robbie Cowling commented, “It is mind-blowing to look at the industry that we started, and what it has become over the past 18 years. What is perhaps even more exciting is to look to where the industry and JobServe is heading next.”

“I’m really proud to have helped so many people find better jobs and companies find new employees,” Cowling added.

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