Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Glassdoor introduces dynamic profiles with audience targeting to help companies reach top talent

Debuting occupation-specific profile audience targeting, richer job and company advertising solutions, new robust job candidate analytics for multimarket employers and more

One of the biggest challenges in recruiting is finding solutions that are customised to a specific company’s needs. Today, Glassdoor introduces a host of both new and improved recruiting features and packages designed to help employers customise their brand messages to different audiences. New updates include Enhanced Profiles with rich audience-specific targeting, new display advertising solutions to better showcase open jobs and a company’s employer brand, improvements to profiles for multimarket employers, and profile packages that best fit a company’s recruiting needs and budget.

Enhanced Profiles with audience targeting offers a new dynamic and responsive way for employers to showcase different elements of their brands to people in different occupations. For example, when an engineer visits the Glassdoor Enhanced Profile of a company like DocuSign, he or she will now see what makes the global leader in Digital Transaction Management and eSignature attractive for engineers. Audience targeting can be customised for jobs across more than 20 different job categories (e.g. engineering, sales, marketing, finance etc.) and employers can select up to four job categories to target at one time. Employers can customise their profiles to include a featured cover photo, video and review along with insights into what makes the company an attractive place to work for each audience. Audience targeting is available for customers of Glassdoor’s Enhanced Profile Select Package, and many employers are already using this feature.

"Today, just like consumers, quality candidates research companies’ work cultures often before a recruiter has spoken to them. Glassdoor is a great channel to showcase our unique employment value proposition and make sure we're considered by top candidates,” said Ann Poletti, senior director, employment brand marketing at DocuSign.

 “Audience targeting on Glassdoor gives DocuSign that extra advantage in this ultra-competitive market by allowing us to reach different job candidates with relevant messaging." In addition, Glassdoor is introducing two new display advertising products that help employers get their brands and open jobs in front of candidates that may not be familiar with them. The display advertising products, Job Spotlight and Company Spotlight, allow companies to precisely target talent and promote their brands throughout Glassdoor across mobile and desktop.

Glassdoor is also adding more detailed reputation and awareness analytics for multinational employers leveraging Localised Enhanced Profiles, allowing them to see per market data, and create more profile options. The new analytics give employers insights into per market employee sentiment, ratings by job title, competitor comparisons, candidate demographics and job candidate activity all from within their personal Glassdoor Employer Centers. Also, with more profile options, multinational employers can better customise their employer brand messages to candidates throughout the world. These improvements help employers take full advantage of the traffic coming to Glassdoor and better understand what’s working and what’s not when it comes to their brands and reputations among employees and candidates across the globe. 

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