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Contractor Take Home Pay and Limited or Umbrella Company iPhone Apps launched

Growth of Contracting as a career continues to rise

Growth of Contracting as a career continues to rise.

SJD Accountancy, the UK’s largest accountants for contractors, recorded one of its best ever years in 2011 in terms of new contractors becoming clients.  They saw an incredible 51% increase on 2009’s new client numbers (2009 was the worst of the recession years for contractor growth). SJD are now accountants to over 11,000 Limited company contractors, freelancers, interims, consultants and SME’s.

Despite tough economic conditions and the freezing/reduction in permanent positions, projects must still be completed and legacy IT systems still need to be upgraded. So it appears UK businesses are relying more and more on the flexible, mobile, highly skilled and motivated professional contractor market to fulfil positions ensuring companies, and the public sector don’t slip behind in their commercial projects. 

To support this rise, and help people interested in going freelance, contractor accountants SJD has developed two great iPhone apps:

Limited Company or PAYE Umbrella Company Checker - which enables contractors, freelancers, consultants or interims to understand which method might be suitable for them: trading through a Limited company or working through a PAYE Umbrella Company.

Contractor Tax Calculator - this helpful and simple to use calculator helps contractors to work out what tax might be due with any given daily rate. Contractors can vary the length of their contract and hours worked, and even book a free contractor accountant meeting.

Links to both iPhone apps are on SJD Accountancy’s website home page along with guides on expenses and IR35.