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IQN Launches Request for Talent at CWS, Simplifying the Contingent Hiring Process

IQN's New Solution for Sourcing and Hiring Non-Employee Workers Makes Talent Requisitions Simpler for Users of All Experience Levels, Streamlines Process of Acquiring Talent

IQN, the leading, independent provider of non-employee workforce management solutions, today announced at the annual Contingent Workforce Management Summit the launch of Request for Talent, a new solution to help businesses more easily source non-employee workers and speed time to hire.

Request for Talent allows organizations to source and acquire contingent workers in a far more streamlined and intelligent way. By bringing together location, calendar, skillset, salary and corporate hiring requirements and policies into one easy-to-use form, IQN Request for Talent makes the process of finding qualified workers simpler and more efficient.

"Historically, there has been a lot of inefficiency and false starts during the sourcing process that slows down an organization's ability to find the right talent and move forward," explained Brian Hoffmeyer, Vice President of Product Marketing at IQN. "IQN's Request for Talent changes that dynamic in a significant way, and reduces the time, effort and guess work that organizations often undertake in the process. Equally important is the ability for companies to ensure that compliance and risk avoidance measures are incorporated into the process."

Even for people who rarely make hires or are unfamiliar with the process, IQN's Request for Talent ensures that the right capabilities and criteria for engaging a candidate are fully identified, and important corporate and regulatory guidelines are followed in the process. Once the requisition process is complete, IQN's Request for Talent then streamlines filling a position by passing a compliant and detailed requisition along to a company's program management office, Managed Service Provider, or approved suppliers.

Request for Talent is the latest innovation from IQN and is in keeping with the Company's ongoing mission to deliver an engaging and user-friendly cloud-based platform that fully addresses customers' current and future needs in sourcing, hiring and managing their growing contingent workforce.

IQN is demonstrating its Request for Talent solution at the annual Contingent Workforce Summit (CWS), September 19-20, and at SIA's Collaboration in the Gig Economy event, September 21-22, which both take place in Las Vegas. IQN is a proud sponsor of the CWS and Gig Economy events.