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HotLizard increases its online offering with the successful launch of another mobile platform

HotLizard are pleased to announce the launch of another mobile recruitment website for leading health, scientific and social care recruiters Pulse

HotLizard are
pleased to announce the launch of another mobile recruitment website for
leading health, scientific and social care recruiters Pulse.

The decision to
launch a mobile site comes as part of an ongoing development strategy for
Pulse, who approached web partners HotLizard requiring a mobile website that
would enhance the application process for candidates, whilst maintaining company
branding and reflecting the design of their main website.

The solution,
delivered by HotLizard, redirects candidates from Pulse’s main website, www.pulsejobs.com, to the new mobile portal
upon detecting a mobile IP address, allowing them to search and apply for jobs easily
whilst on the go.

One user
explains; “I found the listing of jobs by
sector really useful - I was able to get quickly to jobs in my own area of
interest, which is locum work in A&E in London Hospitals - I was pleased to
see several jobs on offer in this field, too.

I also  liked the easy sign up procedure and the quick email back
from the website. And as a busy doctor, often not at my own computer, I really
liked being able to access all this from my I-phone! I see this mobile
access as being especially useful in future.”

It was
imperative to Pulse that, in addition to providing essential search
functionality, the new mobile site reflected their international presence. This,
HotLizard delivered through clear, dedicated colour-coded portals for their
main locations overseas; Australia, New Zealand, The Middle East, USA and
Canada. Each of these locations displays relevant vacancies and contact details
to that location.

Other mobile recruitment websites from HotLizard
include that of On Target recruitment, who specialise in
engineering, commercial and construction sales recruitment. On Target
recognised the need in the sales industry for an application that could be used
remotely, as many sales professionals spend a lot of time on the road. Their
mobile solution gives registered candidates the freedom to search and apply for
vacancies quickly, using the CV and details that they have saved against their
existing profile. The mobile site is fully administrable through On Target’s
centrally administered Content Management System, providing the company more
flexibility and allowing them to update it easily when required.

launched their new mobile sites in response to recent statistics from Enhance
Media, which reported that over 10% of job seekers now search for jobs on their
mobile phones, something that has grown by 200% in 2 years. The mobile site
model has been designed to be accessible from a vast range of handsets including
the Blackberry and the Iphone and is simple and intuitive, providing candidates
access to the key content on the site, from their mobile phone.

David Johnston,
Business Development Manager at HotLizard comments; “As someone who is out on the road 4 out of 5 days a week, I can really
appreciate the benefits that the new mobile model is going to bring candidates
who don’t spend their days in front of a computer. Its simplicity and usability
are impeccable and allow a no-hassle application process to those who otherwise
wouldn’t have the time or flexibility to do so.”