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Search Party is an online marketplace that connects employers, job seekers and recruiters to help people find jobs better, faster and easier. Our mission is to evolve the recruitment industry into a new, efficient, digital business model. We've optimized each point on the hiring journey, resulting in an average 10 days to hire professional roles.

Our secret sauce? Powerful algorithms that match the right candidates with the right jobs + recruiters who leverage their skills on screening candidates and keeping resumes and CVs fresh.

Together, we can fill roles faster, cheaper and with better people.


Multiwork is more than just a job board. We make your life easier. The way we see it, there’s no better way to find temporary labour across multiple sectors. We simplify the relationship between workers, recruiters and payroll, and we won’t cost you a penny.

Our system is simple. It’s honest, it’s electronic and it slots right in to work seamlessly alongside whatever you already use. We collate workers for you based on their skills and qualifications, and when you post a job, we contact those who match the criteria so you don’t have to. We do that electronically – via SMS and email. That’s what makes us different and it means we get a quick response