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Nicky Ivory-Chapman MCIPD, Reputation & Resourcing Manager, McDonald’s UK

Nicky is the Reputation and Resourcing Manager for McDonald’s UK, responsible for Recruitment, Employer Brand, Uniforms and the employee lifestyle and learning website across 1200 UK restaurants. Nicky has spent all her adult life at McDonald’s.  Joining as a part-time employee in 1993 and spending the first 10 years in Restaurant Operations managing various restaurants in the West End of London. Following a 3 year secondment in HR Operations, and with the arrival of David Fairhurst as the new HRD, Nicky was selected to join the newly formed Reputation team in 2006 and took on a new dual role of resourcing and employer reputation.

In her current role Nicky manages the resourcing team, who develop and implement recruitment processes and manage the careers website for 1200 restaurants across the UK.  The McDonald’s careers site currently receives over  2000 applications per day and recruits for roles from Work Experience to professional hires.  Recently the team were involved in ensuring the 4 flagship restaurants on the Olympic Park were staffed with the best 2,000 employees from around the UK and that all impacted restaurants had a strong supply of candidates. The employee lifestyle and learning website ‘ourlounge.co.uk’ is visited daily by most of the 87,500 UK employees and is the primary communication tool to provide news, schedules, online learning and recognition programmes.  Its success has led to versions being created for other McDonald’s markets in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Russia with the UK sharing their platform and experiences to help colleagues engage digitally with their employees. 

Nicky is also responsible for the various employer branding projects of recent years, which set about redefining perceptions of McDonald’s as an employer.  These projects range from disruptive recruitment advertising campaigns, new uniforms created by fashion designer Wayne Hemingway and managing the external recognition programmes and submissions.