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  • Name: Chauncey
  • Phone number: 910-207-0073
  • 28481
  • Wilmington
  • North Carolina
  • United Kingdom

sticky IT specializes in upscale modern design. From websites to logos to branded materials and even web/email hosting, we cover a wide variety of services to be a one-stop shop for our clients. <br><br>We are niched in recruiting - and know how to make today's recruiters shine!<br><br>Learn more by visiting our website - www.stickyIT.com <br><br>Specialties: Web Design, Mobile Websites, Job Boards, Logo Creation, Branded Materials (Print/Interactive), Web/Email Hosting, Bulkmail Services

Consider us your "jack of all shades" - delivering up deliciously bold design fused with vibrant color and saturation.  Much like the varying hues of a spectrum, everyone is different, and we strive to craft an inspired look that suits your specific style and personality.

But, it's more than just being a pretty face.  sticky IT is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to every client - every time.  We specialize in making business look good. Polished with an extra bit of POP! A sticky site can help you reinvent, stand out, and leave a long lasting impression. 

We are a US-based boutique creative firm that specializes in design for the world's top recruiting firms!  We understand the search business and have over 350 recruiter clients worldwide. It doesn't hurt that we are a preferred vendor for the world's largest recruiting franchise, MRINetwork. 


Have you embraced the "mobile web"? We have! 

sticky IT can bring your brand to life on your mobile phone and tablet! 

As busy candidates are contemplating a career change - they are visiting your email blasts, jobs and website on their mobile devices. Drop the pan, scan and zoom of traditional layouts and cater your website directly to the needs of your mobile users.