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Blue Octopus


    Contact details

  • Name: Chris
  • Phone number: 01943 461 327
  • Address: Octo House
  • 2 Station Road
  • LS21 3HX
  • Otley
  • Leeds
  • United Kingdom

Blue Octopus provide a new and intelligent web-based HR solution, offering a smarter and more affordable way for companies; public and private, across all sectors to find the perfect candidate, without the need to involve costly conventional methods.

Blue Octopus provides an intelligent online recruitment solution, at the forefront of this solution is the award winning service delivery team who are always at hand to provide a personal service to our clients.

At Blue Octopus we have a no-nonsense approach to recruitment. We thrive on partnerships with clients that are built around transparency. Our in-house, purpose built, recruitment technology allows our clients to have complete control of their recruitment. The software is based online so it is extremely accessible, managers can see and action any vacancy from anywhere at any time.

This smart recruitment solution isn’t limited by industry and the service model has proven to be successful in all sectors. Blue Octopus endeavour to find the perfect candidates, without the need to sacrifice the quality of service or involve unnecessary placement fees.

At Blue Octopus we firmly believe we are unique in what we do, as do our clients! By utilising a large range of methods of attraction we ensure that we are successful in what we do, here are a few of the ways we do this: exposure of the online job-boards, our candidate management expertise, proactive CV searching and ‘Octo’ candidate management technology. We save our clients massive amounts of time and money on sourcing good quality candidates. We make use of considerably more efficient methods than our clients have managed themselves through tired methods such as agencies, using the job boards directly, and advertising in the press. Our flat-fee recruitment campaign costs are transparent and can help businesses reduce valuable time and money throughout the entire recruitment process.

If you are interested in learning more about Blue Octopus, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 01943 461 327 or eyup@blueoctopus.co.uk. If nothing else, you could use this as an opportunity to make yourself and your team aware of an alternative way of sourcing great quality candidates via the web, without the huge cost and time premiums that more conventional methods demand.