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Recruitment-Assessment offers a bespoke approach to business skills testing. Bespoke because every role is different and every client wants a test that is as close as possible to what the successful candidate will actually be doing.

We are equally effective for the occasional recruiter who has a short list of candidates needing confirmation or if you need to filter tens of thousands candidates in hundreds of roles.

Our subscription service enables you to create an unlimited number of tests using any combination of questions from our entire library and apply those tests to a truly unrestricted number of candidates with absolutely no hidden restrictions or extras.

Our free consultancy service sets you in the right direction. Simply call 0845-8400123 for an informal chat or to discuss your requirements with us.

In short we help you to identify the most suitable candidates for your company.

If you are an HR Professional, a Recruitment Agency or even if you are tasked with checking the abilities of new staff for your company, a competency test is the most accurate, rapid and fairest way to know who actually has the skills needed to perform a role.

From the most junior support assistant to an advanced IT coder we have online testing options to suit every role and every budget. Our comprehensive range of high quality solutions provide you with the means to understand which candidates have the skills they claim and who does not.

For Recruitment Agencies or Occasional Recruiters we have “Option 1 - Low Volume” – ideal for testing a small number of candidates. This is the most economical option.

To start, send us the job description – and we will create the test for you. Each test can comprise up to 60 questions and 4 topics. Candidates take the test online and you receive results immediately.  Test just when you need to. Fixed cost, no hidden extras No expiry of tests or credits Test up to 5 candidates for a total price of just £95.00 + VAT

Option 2 is the eSkill Test Centre where you can create as many different tests as you need.

  • · Mix any of the 55,000 questions available to create exactly the test you want.
  • · Test an unlimited number of candidates. Each test can be linked to a specific role or client.
  • · Unlimited access to 140 Standard Tests Comprehensive results appear immediately in your inbox.
  • · Robust audit trail
  • · Wide range of reporting tools Unlimited Free Training Unlimited Free Support

Give us a call now on 0845-8400123 for an informal chat or to discuss your requirements with us.