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  • Name: Mike
  • Phone number: +44 (0)121 285 0638
  • Address: Vienna House
  • International Square
  • B37 7GN
  • Birmingham
  • United Kingdom

1-Click Recruitment Software

Recruitment software [really] has evolved..

Darwin® is an easy-to-use Candidate & Vacancy Management system... that contains CRM for recruitment functionality, integrates with Microsoft Outlook, and is simple & enjoyable to use.

And it's highly flexible & customisable too. Imagine a CRM solution that combines the freedom of web-based recruitment software with the richness & speed of desktop recruiting software... designed specifically for recruiters!

CRM for Recruitment

As your recruitment agency evolves you end up with information scattered all over the place - in word docs, on spreadsheets, in emails, in a database, on different computers, and often in filing cabinets...

But Darwin is the bit that keeps everyone's information in one place - records, notes, documents, emails, SMS messages, history, invoices, reports - all via a great looking, easy-to-use interface. Just imagine... Search all data, CV's & emails in under a second. Then view a candidate's entire data, CV, and history on a single screen.

In terms of functionality, Darwin® was designed by experienced recruiters to meet the needs of today's fast moving recruitment industry. So it does all the things you've expect of a leading recruitment application - add candidates in seconds, parse their CV automatically into the database, search thousands of records & CV's in seconds, create shortlists, make placements, and drill down through real-time reports.

Darwin + Microsoft = a winning team

If Microsoft made recruitment software, what would it be like? Well, they'd have to tell you that.

But they did supply us with the software and the expertise, a team of engineers worked alongside ours, and even provided the testing laboratories and the men in white coats. So you might say that Microsoft helped Darwin to evolve.

Software that stores your data online

Whereas most other so called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) recruitment applications are simply websites that you access in a browser, Darwin is a next generation desktop recruitment solution that installs within minutes onto your PC or laptop, but stores data in the cloud... providing you & your team access to the same data whether at the office, on the road, or working from home.

A key advantage of this best of both worlds approach is that you're no longer limited by a restrictive web application that can't integrate properly with your Office applications.

This kind of forward thinking means you can manage your Outlook email from within Darwin, giving you an integrated recruitment CRM solution that brings it all together seamlessly and naturally.