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Discover the 12 practices of Leadership Agility with our easy quiz, then link your bird type to your profile. Being an agile leader is key to your professional and personal development. CareerBirds.com is the perfect place for you to begin your leadership agility journey.

What People Are Saying About Us Mastering Leadership Agility has been teaching leaders all over the world how to remain agile to the ever changing landscape of business for over 15 Years. This groundbreaking program not just guides you to fly higher, it helps you to develop your team in game-like online environment. I highly recommend this training to anyone wising to improve what should be considered a basic life skill in our ever changing world.Applicable to even the smallest of companies and certainly at an individual level. content. Skip Novak Managing Director Pelagic The Leadership Agility practices have enabled me to take the first steps towards instilling a culture of leadership at all levels of our organisation by providing a clear and simpleframework with which to identify the appropriate behaviours and desiredoutcomes from the application of each of the practices. Further, the program clearly outlines the consequences of a deficiency in each practice. It's the perfect system to enable people to develop their strengths as a leader and also to identify and improve upon their weaknesses as a leader, no matter their role or level of authority. Cathy May General Manager Operations Dental Partners I have implemented the leadership agility framework into two multimillion dollar no-for-profit organisations. If you are part of an organisation that is looking for a solution to improve employee engagement improve decision making, and seeking to direct your organisation to be a market leader, Dr Aitkens Leadership Agility framework is the first step you should consider implementing to make lasting and positive change. ever before. Rachel Cowan GAICD Finance and Operations Consultant Gateway Baptist Church Master the way you lead, learn and develop by discovering the 12 practices of leadership agility. Your report will tell you the practice you are the most active in and how to to navigate when you fly. Career Birds are the collaboration of a group of like minded individuals that realised they flocked really well together. The acutal partnership was brought together by two companies on either side of the planet. Mastering Leadership Agility LLC in the UK and Sabistar Pty Ltd in Australia. Our mission is to guide future leaders. We do this by developing leaders through personal training, coaching and mentoring in agility, diligence and performance.